of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

By the blessing of His Eminence Augustine,
archbishop of L'viv and Galicia
Chairman of the Sinodal Theological Comission UOC

L'viv diocese includes the parishes of L'viv region (27 December 1988 from the part of the L'viv diocese was created a Ternopil' diocese).

The population of the region from the early ages has really a wide variety of nations. Mainly it is - Ukrainians ("Rusyny", "Ruthenians", "Rusychi") but also it is a Russians, Bielarussions, Polish, Jews, Armenians, Gipsy and many others people. By the confession the majority of population identify themselves as a so called "Greek-Catholic" (uniats), many Christians still are in the division (schysm) UAOC and UOC KP. According to the situation in 2007 year in L'viv region were parishes: Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) 62; Greek-Catholic 1413; UOC KP 356; UAOC 350; Roman Catholic 118; Evangelical Christians-Baptists 56; Christian of the Gospel-faith 61; and others.

Highest Theological courses are working in the diocesal Department. There 40 students and catechetical persons are learning the basic subjects (history, old-slavonic language, liturgika, patristics etc.). The clergy of the St. George parish doing their sacramental catechetical, preaching, administrative-organizational and other activities. For those who are preparing for Holy Baptizm (for their parents in law as well), there are a spiritual conversations here; for those, who are preparing to receive a Holy Mystery - Holy Matrimony, also are deep sistematical meetings with the priest. Who are interested in the basical knowledges in the Christian righteousness - could find here a worthy advice for his(her) own path to God. The sunday schools are working in the diocese for children and for the elder as well. The Mission department under the guidance of Nadia Onyshchuk also is providing here a wide and a popular educational information among the youth and the old people, which have had a serious ilnesses in the dividers' or uniatics' environment, or which were suffering under the destructive influence of the different cults. Such a people wish to return to the primodial faith of our God-loving ancestors. Holy Orthodoxy opens its arms to them, as to longwaited brethren. In L'viv diocese the library, audioteka and videoteka are working for free.

The diocesal address: Korolenko-street 3, L'viv, Ukraine, 79008.
From the L'viv train station by the trams 9 or 1 you should go till the "Pidvalna-street", right behind the Regional L'viv Parlament

Address for your letters: Korolenko-street 3, L'viv, Ukraine, 79008. a/box 1352.

Tel/fax: 038-(0322) 75-80-99.

Decanats: 9 (Drohobych; Zhovkva; Radehiv; Sambir; Sokal'; Staro-Sambir; Stryj; Turka; Javoriv).

Parishes: 62 (in 1989 it was 1260).

Churches 36 (in L'viv are only 3: St. George's, St. Trinity and St. Volodymyr's).

Clergy altogether: priests - 56, deacons - 6.

Monasteries: 2.

Newspaper "Light of Orthodoxy" ("Svitlo Pravoslavja")
( Editor - Shevchenko Anatolij;
monthly is publishing from 1994; quantity: 2000; additions "On the guard"("Na varti") (for the solders and army-servers) and "Have mercy and save" ("Pomyluj i spasy") (for those, who are under the justice-punishment, in the prisons etc.).
Adress: Korolenko-street 3, L'viv, Ukraine, 79008. a/box 1352.

Orthodox organizations:

As the cathedral Dome of the L'viv diocese a St. George's church temporary is using.


Here is now a small parts of the sacred relicts of St. Barbara the martyr St. Fathers from the Kyiv-Pechers'k Lavra (the main sanctuary of Ukraine), St. Job - igumen of Pochaiv Lavra (the biggest monastery in Ukraine) St. Ioasaf from Bilgorod, Kuksha from Odesa and others numerous forefathers and prayerers in faith.

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